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Table 1 Surgical procedure type (n = 50)

From: Prevention of postoperative bleeding after complex pediatric cardiac surgery by early administration of fibrinogen, prothrombin complex and platelets: a prospective observational study

Procedures n
TOF repair 7
AA repair 6
Fontan 5
ASO + AA repair 3
TAC repair 3
TE-AV replacement 3
bilateral Glenn 3
ASO + VSD repair 2
TAPVC repair 2
CAVC repair 2
AV repair 2
AA repair + VSD repair 1
Rastelli 1
other 5
  1. Abbreviations: TOF tetralogy of Fallot, AA aortic arch, ASO arterial switch operation, VSD ventricular septal defect, TAC truncus arteriosus communis, TE-AV tissue-engineered aortic valve, TAPVC total anomalous pulmonal vein connection, CAVC complete atrio-ventricular channel, AV aortic valve