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  1. In abdominal surgery, ultrasound-guided anterior quadratus lumborum blocks (QLB) are performed to induce analgesia. However, no study reported suitable volumes of the anterior QLB for the different postoperati...

    Authors: Liang Shao, Xu Luo, Yingchao Ye, Le Liu, Yaoyao Cai, Yun Xia, Thomas J. Papadimos, Quanguang Wang and Linmin Pan
    Citation: BMC Anesthesiology 2022 22:365
  2. Maintaining patent airways is vital in pediatric anesthetic management. Failure to manage and anticipate difficult laryngoscopy (DL) preoperatively is the leading cause of morbidity and mortality. Data on the ...

    Authors: Mulualem Sitot, Wubayehu Amare and Adugna Aregawi
    Citation: BMC Anesthesiology 2022 22:364
  3. Intensivists play an essential role in improving the outcomes of critically ill patients in intensive care units (ICUs). The transition of ICU physician staffing from low-intensity ICUs (elective intensivist o...

    Authors: Yosuke Fujii, Kiichi Hirota, Kentaro Muranishi, Yumiko Mori, Kei Kambara, Yoshitaka Nishikawa and Mitsuko Hashiguchi
    Citation: BMC Anesthesiology 2022 22:362
  4. Post-spinal shivering is a common complication after spinal anesthesia with a high incidence among orthopedic patients. Untreated shivering may predispose to exacerbation of wound pain, increased metabolic dem...

    Authors: Ashebir Debalike Gemechu, Tsegaye Demeke Gebremedhin, Andualem Assefa Andebiku, Fithamlak Solomon and Abebe Sorsa
    Citation: BMC Anesthesiology 2022 22:361
  5. Patients undergoing oral and maxillofacial surgeries under general anesthesia usually require nasotracheal intubation. When presented with patients with equally patent nostrils, selection of the nostril to use...

    Authors: Li-Kuan Wang, Xiang Zhang, Hai-Yin Wu, Tong Cheng, Guo-Li Xiong and Xu-Dong Yang
    Citation: BMC Anesthesiology 2022 22:360
  6. Hypomagnesemia reportedly has significant associations with poor clinical outcomes such as increased mortality and septic shock in patients with sepsis. Although the mechanism underlying these outcomes mostly ...

    Authors: Ken Tonai, Shinshu Katayama, Kansuke Koyama, Naho Sata, Yoshihiro Tomioka, Hisashi Imahase and Shin Nunomiya
    Citation: BMC Anesthesiology 2022 22:359
  7. This study aimed to translate the French version of a perioperative satisfaction questionnaire (EVAN-G) scale, a validated questionnaire for assessing perioperative patient satisfaction, into a Chinese version...

    Authors: Xinting Wang, Wenjun Lin, Linwei Liu, Zhenyuan Wu, Yushan Wu and Yusheng Yao
    Citation: BMC Anesthesiology 2022 22:358
  8. To evaluate the safety and effectiveness of different dosages of intranasal Dexmedetomidine (DEX) in combination with oral midazolam for sedation of young children during brain MRI examination.

    Authors: Hongbin Gu, Liyan Miao, Jie Bai, Guolin Lu, Qian Lei, Lijun Yang and Denggui Wang
    Citation: BMC Anesthesiology 2022 22:357
  9. Video-assisted surgery has become an increasingly used surgical technique in patients undergoing major thoracic and abdominal surgery and is associated with significant perioperative respiratory and cardiovasc...

    Authors: Mihai Popescu, Mihaela Roxana Olita, Mara Oana Stefan, Mariana Mihaila, Romina-Marina Sima and Dana Tomescu
    Citation: BMC Anesthesiology 2022 22:356
  10. Current knowledge on the ideal local anesthetic concentration for the ultrasound-guided transversus abdominis plane block (TAPB) in pediatrics is scarce. The purpose of this study is to compare the efficacy of...

    Authors: Meltem Savran Karadeniz, Ayşe Gülşah Atasever, Emine Aysu Salviz, Emre Sertaç Bingül, Hayriye Şentürk Çiftçi, Müşerref Beril Dinçer and Mukadder Orhan Sungur
    Citation: BMC Anesthesiology 2022 22:355
  11. Opioid-reduced anesthesia may accelerate postoperative rehabilitation by reducing opioid-related side effects. The objective was to investigate the feasibility of opioid-reduced general anesthesia based on esk...

    Authors: Teng Zhu, Xiaoyong Zhao, Meiyan Sun, Yan An, Wenwen Kong, Fanceng Ji and Guizhi Wang
    Citation: BMC Anesthesiology 2022 22:354
  12. Assessing nociception and sedation in mechanically ventilated patients in the ICU is challenging, with few reliable methods available for continuous monitoring. Measurable cardiovascular and neurophysiological...

    Authors: Juhani A. Stewart, Mika O. K. Särkelä, Johanna Wennervirta and Anne P. Vakkuri
    Citation: BMC Anesthesiology 2022 22:353
  13. Labor epidural analgesia has been suggested to be associated with intrapartum fever. We designed this study to investigate the effects of epidural analgesia and combined spinal-epidural analgesia on maternal i...

    Authors: Zhiping Yao, Jingxin Zhou, Shuying Li and Wenqin Zhou
    Citation: BMC Anesthesiology 2022 22:352
  14. Weaning from mechanical ventilation (MV) is an essential issue in critically ill patients, and we used an explainable machine learning (ML) approach to establish an extubation prediction model.

    Authors: Kai-Chih Pai, Shao-An Su, Ming-Cheng Chan, Chieh-Liang Wu and Wen-Cheng Chao
    Citation: BMC Anesthesiology 2022 22:351
  15. Oxygen is one of the most commonly used drugs by anesthesiologists. The World Health Organization (WHO) gave recommendations regarding perioperative oxygen administration, but the practice of oxygen use in ane...

    Authors: Martin Scharffenberg, Thomas Weiss, Jakob Wittenstein, Katharina Krenn, Magdalena Fleming, Peter Biro, Stefan De Hert, Jan F. A. Hendrickx, Daniela Ionescu and Marcelo Gama de Abreu
    Citation: BMC Anesthesiology 2022 22:350
  16. Emergence delirium (ED) is a mental disturbance in children during recovery from general anaesthesia. The Pediatric Anesthesia Emergence Delirium (PAED) scale is the only validated scale that assesses ED in pa...

    Authors: Valeria Epulef, Sergio Muñoz, Ana María Alarcón and Manuel Vial
    Citation: BMC Anesthesiology 2022 22:349
  17. Hypobaric hypoxia is common at high altitudes. Whether this exacerbates hypoxia during procedural sedation and whether hypoxia can be alleviated by the use of supraglottic jet oxygenation and ventilation (SJOV...

    Authors: Bailin Jiang, Yi Li, Deji Ciren, Ouzhu Dawa, Yi Feng and Ciren Laba
    Citation: BMC Anesthesiology 2022 22:348
  18. To observe the effects of different positive end-expiratory pressure (PEEP) ventilation strategies on pulmonary compliance and complications in patients undergoing robotic-assisted laparoscopic prostate surgery.

    Authors: Menglan Cheng, Lifeng Ni, Ling’er Huang, Yanfeng Zhou and Kuirong Wang
    Citation: BMC Anesthesiology 2022 22:347
  19. Propofol combined with opioids can reduce the dosage of propofol and improve the safety of endoscopy. However, there are few studies on propofol combined with S-ketamine in children undergoing gastro-duodenosc...

    Authors: Junxia Wang, Weidong Hu, Xianliang Zhao, Weilian Ren, Xin Huang and Bin Zhang
    Citation: BMC Anesthesiology 2022 22:346
  20. Cataract surgery is one of the most frequent surgeries in the world. It is a very safe procedure mostly performed under topical anesthesia in outpatients centers. Due to the growing lack of anesthesiologists, ...

    Authors: Michele Fostier, Gintare Januleviciute, Fabrice Fauconnier, Edith Collard and Virginie Dubois
    Citation: BMC Anesthesiology 2022 22:345
  21. Dexamethasone is widely used in the prevention of postoperative complications in oral surgery and strengthening the analgesic effect after anesthesia, but the efficacy is controversial, and the relationship be...

    Authors: Wang Zhou, Fan Liu, Junbiao Fang and Lianghui Han
    Citation: BMC Anesthesiology 2022 22:344
  22. Hypotension during anesthesia induction is a common event, and occurs more frequently in patients with hypertension than in healthy individuals. Intraoperative hypotension in non-cardiac surgery is reportedly ...

    Authors: Takayuki Hojo, Yukifumi Kimura, Makiko Shibuya and Toshiaki Fujisawa
    Citation: BMC Anesthesiology 2022 22:343
  23. Lumbar disc herniation is seen in 5–15% of patients with lumbar back pain and is the most common spine disorder demanding surgical correction. Spinal surgery is one of the most effective management for these p...

    Authors: Xinyuan Wu, Jieling Huang, Yuling Zhang, Luying Chen, Yandong Ji, Wuhua Ma and Yuhui Li
    Citation: BMC Anesthesiology 2022 22:342
  24. Thoracic epidural analgesia (TEA) has always been the first choice for postoperative pain treatment, but associated complications and contraindications may limit its use. Our study put forward a new analgesic ...

    Authors: Wenwen Xu, Youpei Li, Nanqi Li, Yu Sun, Chao Wang and Ke An
    Citation: BMC Anesthesiology 2022 22:341
  25. Transversus abdominis plane (TAP) block is beneficial for pain management after conducting abdominal surgery.

    Authors: Dina Yehia Kassim, Hatem ElMoutaz Mahmoud, Dina Mahmoud Fakhry and Mariana AbdElSayed Mansour
    Citation: BMC Anesthesiology 2022 22:340
  26. Tracheal intubation during anesthesia can be facilitated by the neuromuscular blocking agent cisatracurium. However, limited data exists about onset time, duration of action and effect on intubating conditions...

    Authors: Matias Vested, Camilla Meno Kristensen, Pernille Pape, Malene Vang, Mian Hartoft, Caroline Hjelmdal and Lars Simon Rasmussen
    Citation: BMC Anesthesiology 2022 22:339
  27. This prospective, double-blind, randomized, controlled trial compared the efficacy of two dexmedetomidine doses (50 and 100-μg) combined with levobupivacaine on sensory block duration in infraclavicular brachi...

    Authors: Huda F. Ghazaly, Ahmed Alsaied A. Aly, Zaher Zaki Zaher, Mahmoud M. Hassan and Ahmed Abdelreheem Mahmoud
    Citation: BMC Anesthesiology 2022 22:338
  28. Endotracheal tube with an inflated cuff was used to manage and maintain the airway during general anesthesia in children. When the lateral pressure exerted by an inflated Endotracheal tube cuff on tracheal muc...

    Authors: Biniam Assefa, Hirbo Samuel, Fissiha Fentie, Tenbite Daniel, Assefa Hika, Bacha Aberra and Belete Alemu
    Citation: BMC Anesthesiology 2022 22:337
  29. Despite evidence that high-flow nasal cannula oxygen therapy (HFNC) promotes oxygenation, its application in sedated gastroscopy in elderly patients has received little attention. This study investigated the e...

    Authors: Wenwen Zhang, Hailing Yin, Yajie Xu, Zhaojing Fang, Wanling Wang, Chen Zhang, Hongwei Shi and Xiaoliang Wang
    Citation: BMC Anesthesiology 2022 22:335
  30. Developing adequate regional anaesthesia for knee surgeries without affecting lower limb mobilization is crucial to perioperative analgesia. However, reports in this regard are limited. We proposed a technique...

    Authors: Wen-Yi Gong, Chen-Guang Li, Jing-Yu Zhang, Xiao-Hui Liao, Cheng Zhu, Jie Min, Xiao-Fang Yue and Kun Fan
    Citation: BMC Anesthesiology 2022 22:334
  31. Airway management of patients with direct airway trauma caused by penetrating neck injuries is always challenging. When a failed airway occurs and surgery access is difficult, it is crucial to find the optimal...

    Authors: Jun Tian, Xing Tao, Xiang Quan and Sanmei Zhang
    Citation: BMC Anesthesiology 2022 22:333
  32. To explore whether hepatic vein systolic filling fraction (SFF) is associated with central venous pressure (CVP) and right ventricular (RV) systolic function in critically ill patients.

    Authors: Hongmin Zhang, Ye Liu, Qing Zhang, Xiaoting Wang and Dawei Liu
    Citation: BMC Anesthesiology 2022 22:332
  33. Oxygen therapy after extubation in the intensive care unit (ICU) is essential in order to maintain adequate oxygenation, especially in patients who have undertaken cardiovascular surgery. A Venturi mask (VM) h...

    Authors: Deguchi Shiho, Yusuke Kusaka, Shoko Nakano and Osamu Umegaki
    Citation: BMC Anesthesiology 2022 22:331
  34. This meta-analysis compared the quality of lung collapse and the resultant adverse reactions between the use of double-lumen endotracheal tubes (DLT) and bronchial blockers (BB) in minimally invasive thoracic ...

    Authors: Ying-ying Xiang, Qi Chen, Xi-xi Tang and Lei Cao
    Citation: BMC Anesthesiology 2022 22:330
  35. Modified thoracoabdominal nerve block through the perichondrial approach (M-TAPA) is a new technique that provides effective analgesia of the anterior and lateral thoracoabdominal walls by administering local ...

    Authors: Ayşegül Bilge, Betül Başaran, Tayfun Et, Muhammet Korkusuz, Rafet Yarımoğlu, Hatice Toprak and Nuh Kumru
    Citation: BMC Anesthesiology 2022 22:329
  36. To investigate the effect of different depth of anesthesia on inflammatory factors and hospital outcomes in elderly patients undergoing laparoscopic radical gastrectomy for gastric cancer, in order to select a...

    Authors: An-qing Lv, Li-cai Huang, Wei-long Lao, Qi-liang Song, Qi-fu Zhou, Zong-ming Jiang and Zhong-hua Chen
    Citation: BMC Anesthesiology 2022 22:328
  37. The study aimed to investigate whether prophylactic use of glycopyrrolate decreases the vasopressor requirements to prevent hypotension following spinal anesthesia during non-elective cesarean section.

    Authors: Rajesh Deshar, Asish Subedi, Krishna Pokharel, Birendra Prasad Sah and Jagat Narayan Prasad
    Citation: BMC Anesthesiology 2022 22:327
  38. Transesophageal echocardiographic imaging plays an important role in assessing coronary sinus anatomy prior to placement of a retrograde cardioplegia cannula. The coronary sinus can be imaged in the long axis ...

    Authors: Tzonghuei Chen, Geoffrey Hayward, Patricia Apruzzese and Andrew Maslow
    Citation: BMC Anesthesiology 2022 22:326
  39. There is scarce data on the safety and efficacy of opioid-free anesthesia (OFA), in resource-limited settings due to the non-availability of dexmedetomidine, the reference OFA agent. We aimed to demonstrate th...

    Authors: Joel Noutakdie Tochie, Roddy Stephan Bengono Bengono, Junette Mbengono Metogo, Raymond Ndikontar, Serges Ngouatna, Ferdinand Ndom Ntock and Jacqueline Ze Minkande
    Citation: BMC Anesthesiology 2022 22:325
  40. Fluid resuscitation is necessary to correct the sepsis-induced hypoperfusion, which is contradictory to the treatment of heart failure. This study explored the association between fluid balance (FB) of the fir...

    Authors: Bufan Zhang, Shaohua Guo, Zean Fu, Naishi Wu and Zhigang Liu
    Citation: BMC Anesthesiology 2022 22:324
  41. Fentanyl is selected to manage pain in critical care patients on mechanical ventilation in the intensive care unit (ICU). However, the usefulness of fentanyl compared with other opioids is unknown. This study ...

    Authors: Yoshitaka Aoki, Hiromi Kato, Naoyuki Fujimura, Yuji Suzuki, Masaaki Sakuraya and Matsuyuki Doi
    Citation: BMC Anesthesiology 2022 22:323
  42. Low postoperative mixed venous oxygen saturation (SvO2) values have been linked to poor outcomes after cardiac surgery. The present study was designed to assess whether SvO2 values of < 60% at intensive care unit...

    Authors: Timo I Kaakinen, Tomi Ikäläinen, Tiina M Erkinaro, Jaana M Karhu, Janne H Liisanantti, Pasi P Ohtonen and Tero I Ala-Kokko
    Citation: BMC Anesthesiology 2022 22:322
  43. To evaluate the analgesic efficacy and spread of variable volumes of local anesthetics (LA) in Erector spinae plane block (ESPB).

    Authors: Ahmed Mohamed Mohamed Rabah Abdella, Emad Eldin Abd El Monem Arida, Nagwa Ahmed Megahed, Wessam Zakaria El-Amrawy and Walid Mohamed Ahmed Mohamed
    Citation: BMC Anesthesiology 2022 22:321
  44. It is useful to monitor eye movements during general anesthesia, but few studies have examined neurological finding of the eyes during emergence from general anesthesia maintained with short-acting opioids and...

    Authors: Michiko Kinoshita, Yoko Sakai, Kimiko Katome, Tomomi Matsumoto, Shizuka Sakurai, Yuka Jinnouchi and Katsuya Tanaka
    Citation: BMC Anesthesiology 2022 22:320
  45. Circulatory and respiratory depression are common  problems that occur in propofol alone sedation during gastroscopy. As a widely used analgesic adjuvant, intravenous lidocaine can reduce the consumption of pr...

    Authors: Xiu-Ru Qi, Jing-Yi Sun, Li-Xin An and Ke Zhang
    Citation: BMC Anesthesiology 2022 22:319
  46. This study aimed to compare the effects of melatonin, dexmedetomidine, and gabapentin on postoperative pain and anxiety following laminectomy.

    Authors: Reza Jouybar, Somayeh Kazemifar, Naeimehossadat Asmarian, Ali Karami and Saeed Khademi
    Citation: BMC Anesthesiology 2022 22:318
  47. Postoperative nausea and vomiting (PONV) is one of the most common complications after total thyroidectomy under general anesthesia. Total intravenous anesthesia (TIVA) has been documented to prevent PONV in p...

    Authors: Ting Lu, Rongrong Li, Jiacheng Sun and Jing Chen
    Citation: BMC Anesthesiology 2022 22:317
  48. Moebius syndrome is a rare congenital disorder characterized by non-progressive palsy of the abducens (VI) and facial (VII) cranial nerves. Its common features include dysfunctions associated with other crania...

    Authors: Aya Oda, Kana Oue, Yuki Oda, Shima Taguchi, Tamayo Takahashi, Akari Mukai, Mitsuru Doi, Yoshitaka Shimizu, Masahiro Irifune and Mitsuhiro Yoshida
    Citation: BMC Anesthesiology 2022 22:316

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