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Table 2 Odds ratios (exponentiated coefficients from Bayesian Bernoulli model) with 95% credible intervals. Probability of THC (predicted from separate BART model) modeled directly as propensity score

From: Cannabis use is associated with a small increase in the risk of postoperative nausea and vomiting: a retrospective machine-learning causal analysis

Model ParameterOdds Ratio for any PONV95%CI
Age < 50 years1.371.29–1.46
ASA 1 (Reference)1
ASA 21.020.92–1.13
ASA 30.930.83–1.05
No Use of Cannabis (Referent)1
Current Use of Cannabis (Compared to No Use)1.070.96–1.18
Daily Use of Cannabis (Compared to No Use)1.160.99–1.35
Exposed to Nitrous Oxide1.121.03–1.21
Exposed to Potent Volatile Agent1.811.70–1.95
Surgical Duration (minutes, log transformed)1.431.37–1.50
Female Sex1.951.84–2.07
History of PONV or Motion Sickness1.491.39–1.59
Opioids in PACU1.551.47–1.65
Per 1% Increase in Probability of THC Use (Propensity Score)1.061.04–1.08
Per Prophylactic PONV Drug Given0.870.84–0.89