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Table 1 Patient characteristics. Baseline and surgical characteristics of patients randomized to the sevoflurane and propofol groups. BMI (body mass index), ASA (American Society Association), n (number of subjects), Standard deviation (SD)

From: Effect of sevoflurane and propofol on tourniquet-induced endothelial damage: a pilot randomized controlled trial for knee-ligament surgery

 Total (SD) (n = 16)Propofol (SD)
(n = 8)
Sevoflurane (SD)
(n = 8)
Age27 (9)25 (6)30 (11)
BMI28 (4)27 (4)29 (5)
ASA Score (n)
Tourniquet Time (min)96 (24)91 (17)101 (30)
Fluid dose (mL)124 (47)105 (33)144 (52)
Number of patients with need of Ephedrine835
Ephedrine dose (mg)23 (17)14 (9)28 (19)
Number of patients with need of Phenylephrine101
Phenylephrine dose (mg)2000200