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Table 1 Patient characteristics

From: The application of a neural network to predict hypotension and vasopressor requirements non-invasively in obstetric patients having spinal anesthesia for elective cesarean section (C/S)

Age (years)
 Mean (SD)31.7 (4.72)
Height (cm)
 Mean (SD)160.9 (6.83)
Weight (kg)
 Mean (SD)98.7 (20.48)
BMI (kg/m2)
 Mean (SD)37.8 (7.76)
Pre-op systole (mmHg)
 Mean (SD)128.9 (19.14)
Systole at induction (mmHg)
 Mean (SD)131.2 (18.18)
Systole at + 10 min (mmHg)
 Mean (SD)115.4 (21.18)
Minimum systole (mmHg)
 Mean (SD)98.13 (14.89)
Minutes until minimum systole
 Mean (SD)12.68 (8.48)
Medical history
 Prior C/S (Y/N), n9/36
 Hypertension (Y/N), n6/39
 Diabetes mellitus (Y/N), n6/39
 Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (Y/N), n0/39
 Atrial fibrillation (Y/N), n0/39