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Table 2 The systematic comparison of five hemoglobin measurements regarding correlation, agreement, and assay practicality (n = 48 specimens)

From: Systematic comparison of four point-of-care methods versus the reference laboratory measurement of hemoglobin in the surgical ICU setting: a cross-sectional method comparison study

 Hb (g/dL), mean ± SDCorrelation coefficient (r)AgreementPracticality
Mean difference (bias)%Bias from the referenceSD95% LOAStep of procedureaTurnaround time (min)Unit cost (USD)b
LHb (reference)11.2 ± 1.91.000630–601.6
HctCap11.7 ± 1.90.9050.464.10.83−1.16, 2.0846–100.1
HemoCue11.1 ± 1.80.922−−1.63, 1.2841–21.3
iSTAT11.1 ± 1.80.941−−1.41, 1.1242–38.1
SpHb11.4 ± 2.20.6700.131.21.66−3.12, 3.392< 165.6
  1. aDetails in the Materials and Methods section
  2. bBased on the exchange rate on May 22, 2019. Note that the unit cost can vary in different settings and countries