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Table 1 Characteristics of the studies included in the systematic review

From: Terlipressin for the treatment of septic shock in adults: a systematic review and meta-analysis

StudyArmsnAge(years)DesignDosageProgonstic indexTime(hours)MAP objective(mmHg)
Morelli et al 2009 [12]NE1564 (59-72)RCT15μg/min58 (52-68) (SAPS II)48 
NE+TP1567 (60-71)1.3μg/Kg.h62 (57-72) (SAPS II)4870±5
NE+AVP1566 (60-74)0.03μ/min60 (49-66) (SAPS II)48 
Albanese et al 2005 [18]NE1065 (24-76)RCT0.3μg/kg.min29 (24-31) (APACHE II)665-75
TP1066 (23-79)OL1mg bolus28 (24-30) (APACHE II)6
Xiao et al 2016 [19]NE1762±14RCT>0.5μg/kg.min 6≥65
Chen et al 2017 [20]NE2655.7±16.1RCT>1μg/kg.min20.8±5.7 (APACHE II)7265-75
TP3158.5±17.8SB0.01-0.04u/min23.1±5.2 (APACHE II)72
Choudhury et al 2017 [21]NE4246.76±12.11RCT7.5-60μg/min 48>65
Liu et al 2018 [22]NE26661.09±16.20RCT4-30μg/min19.09 ± 8.26 (APACHE II)16865-75
TP26060.93±15.86DB20-160μg/h19.08 ± 7.01 (APACHE II)168
Hua et al 2013 [24]DA1652.2±14RCT20μg/Kg.min17.6 ± 5.3 (APACHE II)4870±5
TP1656.6±16.41.3μg/Kg.h19.3 ± 9.6 (APACHE II)48
Morelli et al 2008 [23]NE2067 (29-83)RCT0.9μg/Kg.min59±10 (SAPS II)470±5
NE+TP1966 (28-84)1mg bolus60±12 (SAPS II)4
NE+TP+DA2066 (37-82)3-20μg/Kg.min61±12 (SAPS II)4
Svoboda et al 2012 [25]NE1775 (48-88)RCT>0.6μg/Kg.min 7270±5
NE+TP1370 (37-87)DB4mg/24h72
  1. Data presented as mean ± standard deviation or median (interquartile range). AVP arginine vasopressin, DA dopamine, DB double-blind, MAP mean arterial pressure, NE norepinephrine, OL open-label, P placebo, RCT randomized controlled trial, SB single-blind, TP terlipressin