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Table 3 Subtests of the neuropsychological assessment battery used for diagnosis of POCD

From: Association between changes in cerebral grey matter volume and postoperative cognitive dysfunction in elderly patients: study protocol for a prospective observational cohort study

Test variable Test description Domain tested
CERAD-NAB word list-encoding Total number of correctly learned words across three learning trials (number of words per trial = 10) Verbal episodic learning
CERAD-NAB word list-delayed free recall Total number of correctly remembered words after a delay following encoding Verbal episodic memory
CERAD-NAB word list-savings Proportion of correctly recalled words during delayed free recall relative to words learned in learning trial 3 Verbal episodic memory
CERAD-NAB word list-discriminability Rate of correctly recognized words from encoding Verbal episodic memory
CERAD-NAB word list-intrusion errors Total number of intrusions committed during word list-encoding and -delayed free recall Executive functions
CERAD-NAB figures-copy Copy of four figures (circle, diamond, overlapping rectangles, cube) Visuospatial ability
CERAD-NAB figures-delayed recall Number of correctly reproduced figures from figures-copy following a delay Visual memory
CERAD-NAB figures-savings Proportion correctly reproduced figures at figures-delayed recall relative to figures-copy Visual memory
Semantic fluency-animals Number of animals produced within 1 min Semantic memory
Boston naming test (15-items) Number of spontaneously correctly named black and white line drawings (maximum = 15) Language
Trail making test A Time required to connect circles numbered from 1 to 25 in ascending order Psychomotor speed
Trail making test B Time required to connect circles containing numbers (1–13) and letters (A-L) in ascending and alternating order Executive functions
Phonemic fluency Number of words starting with the letter S produced within 1 min Executive functions
  1. CERAD-NAB Consortium to Establish a Registry for Alzheimer’s Disease-Neuropsychological Assessment Battery. Adapted from Mistridis et al. [20]