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Table 2 Key variables and their effects on model airway pressure and tidal volume

From: Can ventilator settings reduce the negative effects of endotracheal suctioning? Investigations in a mechanical lung model

SUCTION EFFECT VARIABLES Model airway pressure reduction Tidal volume reduction
ETT size reduction Strong impact Strong impact
Suction device alteration Bronchoscope > Closed catheter Bronchoscope > Closed catheter
Increased suction pressure Strong impact Vte reduced
Ventilator PCV - > VCV Moderate impact (ETT size dependent) Vti unchanged, Vte reduced
Inverse ratio ventilation Strong impact in VCV (not PCV) Vti increased
Negative trigger sensitivity Strong impact Minor impact on Vti and Vte
  1. The variables are listed according to their impact on the reduction of model airway pressure and tidal volume during suctioning