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Table 2 Causes of nonsepsis and sepsis which brought patients to ICU

From: Tracheostomy in intensive care unit patients can be performed without bleeding complications in case of normal thromboelastometry results (EXTEM CT) despite increased PT-INR: a prospective pilot study

  Causes No. of patients brought to ICU
Nonsepsis Polytrauma 24
Cranial trauma 10
Hemorrhagic stroke 14
Ischemic stroke 4
Cardiopulmonary resuscitation 13
Brain metastasis 3
Lung transplantation 2
Cervical spine Injury 3
Ileus without sepsis 2
Carbon monoxide 1
Ethylene glycol 1
Sepsis Pneumonia 24
Peritonitis 10
Coxitis 1
Mediastinitis 1
Gonitis 1
Pyelonephritis 1
Pancreatitis 1
Spondylodiscitis 1
Cholecystitis 1
Gangrene of lower extremity 1