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Archived Comments for: Prognosis and ICU outcome of systemic vasculitis

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  1. ICU Dr_patient vasculitis flare to death border

    Ibrahim Kushisha, BCH

    8 May 2014

    Dear Sir, Maam I was one of your research study targets, I'm Egyptian Intensivist, in Buraydah Central hospital(BCH), Saudi MOH, had a killing attack of my Behcet's vasculitis that I had for more than ten years, started with two weeks fever, no symptoms, was on twenty prednisolone, then neutropenia, creatininemia, and ARDS. Tried to convince my clleagues to start immunosuppressive pulse Rx, cautious they gave me to the bigger ICU (I was working there before), mechanical ventilation, sedation, all kinds of possible and impossible ttts including high frequency jet vent., methyle pred, Abx, antifungals, virals-- more than a hundred days in the other world, feel like old films of scientists going to experience what is going in their patients' worlds.. My life saved, I came back from there, virtually no residual

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