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Table 2 Optimal PEEP settings

From: The global inhomogeneity index assessed by electrical impedance tomography overestimates PEEP requirement in patients with ARDS: an observational study

PEEP based on ARDS Control p-value
best ODCL, cmH2O (SD) 10.9 (2.5) 9.6 (1.6) 0.092
lowest GI, cmH2O (SD) 17.1 (3.9) 14.2 (3.4) 0.608
best Cdyn, cmH2O (SD) 10.3 (2.9) 9.8 (2.5) 0.864
  1. Data are presented as means ± SD. ODCL, balance between alveolar overdistension and collapse; GI, global inhomogeneity index; Cdyn, dynamic respiratory system compliance; ARDS, acute respiratory distress syndrome