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Table 3 Relationship between Two types of anaesthesia and LOS (Days)

From: Two types of anaesthesia and length of hospital stay in patients undergoing unilateral total knee arthroplasty (TKA): a secondary analysis based on a single-centre retrospective cohort study in Singapore

Outcome LOS (Days) β(95%CI) P-value
Anaesthesia Crude Model Model I Model II
 RA Reference Reference Reference
 GA 0.84 (0.43, 1.25) < 0.0001 1.08 (0.67, 1.49) < 0.0001 0.93 (0.54, 1.32) < 0.0001
  1. Model I adjusted for age, sex, ethnicity
  2. Model II adjusted for age, sex, ethnicity, BMI,ASA Status, Hb, duration of surgery, smoking, OSA, DM, IHD, CCF, CVA, Creatinine > 2 mg/dl, DM on insulin, Day of week of operation
  3. Abbreviations: LOS Length of stay, GA General anaesthesia, RA Regional anaesthesia, OR Odds ratio, CI Confidence interval