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Table 5 Multivariable Poisson regression of factors associated with arytenoid dislocation

From: Head-neck movement may predispose to the development of arytenoid dislocation in the intubated patient: a 5-year retrospective single-center study

Variable IRR 95% CI P-value
 Female gender (vs. male) 3.05 1.38–7.73 0.010
Tracheal intubation by 1st-yr anaesthesia residents (vs higher than 1st resident and attending anaesthetist) 2.30 1.07–4.64 0.024
aPositions with head-neck movement (vs positions without head-neck movement) 3.10 1.50–6.25 0.002
  1. aHead and neck movement includes extension, flexion, rotation and flexion-rotation. IRR incidence rate ratio, CI confidence interval