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Table 3 PACU-OpResc rates before and after implementing sensory level check documentation

From: Evaluation of early postoperative intravenous opioid rescue as a novel quality measure in patients who receive thoracic epidural analgesia: a retrospective cohort analysis and prospective performance improvement intervention

  No Yes Total
Before SLC implementation (January 2016–April 2019) 827 (77.80%) 236 (22.20%) 1063
After SLC implementation (May–November 2019) 154 (86.03%) 25 (13.97%) 179
Total 981 261 1242
  1. Data analyzed using a likelihood ratio ChiSquare test (p-value = 0.009). PACU-OpResc: intravenous opioid rescue analgesia in the post anesthesia care unit; SLC: Sensory level check