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Table 3 Sites, types and mechanisms of traumatic injuries caused by LMA (modified from Michalek)

From: Life threatening abscess in the visceral space with penicillin and metronidazole resistant Prevotella Denticola following use of a laryngeal mask airway: case report

Site of injury Types of injury Mechanisms of injury
Lips Nerve injury
Compression by device, taping to device
Direct trauma
Teeth Displacement
Fracture of roots
Direct trauma
Biting on SGA/bite block
Tongue Frenular injury
Lingual nerve injury
Forceful or incorrect insertion
Compression of lateral or inferior surface of the tongue by LMA
Uvula Ischemia and necrosis Direct trauma
Prolonged compression
Epiglottis Laceration
Anatomical abnormalities
Forceful or oncorrect insertion
Pharyngeal mucosa Laceration
Forceful insertion
Inadequate lubrification
Prolonged insertion
Too high cuff pressures
Laryngeal apparatus Arytenoid dislocation
Recurrent laryngeal nerve injury
Direct trauma
Compression of the nerve in the piriform fossa