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Table 2 Timeline: historical information about the evolution of this case

From: Life threatening abscess in the visceral space with penicillin and metronidazole resistant Prevotella Denticola following use of a laryngeal mask airway: case report

Time Symptoms Diagnosis Treatment
Day 1 Sore throat, limited bloodstained sputum   
Day 2 Fever, dysphagia, throat pain Clinical: laryngitis Amoxicillin and analgetics
Day 5 Respiratory problems, worsening pain
Red, warm, swollen skin from sternum to both ears
CT: abscess in the visceral space ICU admittance
Fiberoptic intubation failed
Tracheotomy not possible
Day 10 No more respiratory problems
Diminished swelling
3 positive cultures: anaerobe Prevotella Denticola resistent for penicillin and metronidazole Surgical drainage
Wound on lateral pharyngeal wall
Day 14 Full recovery   Discharged from hospital