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Table 1 The basic information of the anesthesia care standard for thoracic surgery

From: A nationwide survey of intraoperative management for one-lung ventilation in Taiwan: time to accountable for diversity in protective lung ventilation

Cases of thoracic surgeries per year
 > 1000 50.0%
 ≤ 1000 50.0%
Lung isolation techniques for OLV
 Double-lumen endotracheal tube 93.8%
 Bronchial blockers 6.3%
 Laryngeal mask 0
 Non-intubation 0
Postoperative analgesic management for OLV
 Intravenous patient-controlled analgesia 50.0%
 Intercostal block 25.0%
 Epidural analgesia 18.8%
 Intravenous nonsteroidal antiinflammatory drug 6.3%
 Paravertebral block 0
Perioperative monitoring systems during OLV
 Arterial catheter 100%
 Bispectral index 87.5%
 Central venous catheter 43.8%
 Non-calibrated cardiac output monitor 12.5%
 Pulmonary artery catheter 0