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Table 1 Difference between original box versus re-designed box and intended benefit

From: Time to adapt in the pandemic era: a prospective randomized non –inferiority study comparing time to intubate with and without the barrier box

BOX Characteristics Original BOX Re-designed BOX Intended benefit
Base No Yes Improves stability
Width 20 in. 24 in. To accommodate patient shoulders and position closer to the provider inside the box
Port diameter 4 in. 5 in. To improve dexterity and range of motion
Port position Equidistant from the sides, and at 10 in. from the base Left port moved towards the center by 3 in. and the height of port increased to 13 in. from the base Improves ergonomics for ease of intubation
Roof vent None Yes To attach a filter and suction apparatus to minimize aerosol load
Long sleeve gloves None Yes To seal the ports and minimize potential cross-contamination
  1. Original Box –designed by Taiwanese doctor Hsien Yung Lai