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Table 1 Modified Mankin Scoring System

From: How does intraarticular dexmedetomidine injection effect articular cartilage and synovium? An animal study

Cartilage structure
a. Normal 0
b. Surface irregularities 1
c. Pannus + irregularities 2
d. Clefts to the transitional zone 3
e. Clefts to the radial zone 4
f. Clefts to the calcified zone 5
g. Complete disorganization 6
Cartilage cells
a. Normal 0
b. Diffuse hypercellularity 1
c. Cloning 2
d. Hypocellularity 3
Staining with Masson’s Trichrome
a. Normal 0
b. Slight reduction 1
c. Moderate reduction 2
d. Severe reduction 3
e. No staining 4
Tidemark integrity
a. Intact 0
b. Destroyed 1