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Table 4 Results of parameters additionally examined with numerical rating scale (NRS). NRS scores 1–3 correspond to mild, scores of 4–6 to moderate and scores ≥7 to severe symptoms. Values ​​are expressed as the number of patients or as the total number in percent

From: Videolaryngoscopy versus direct laryngoscopy for double-lumen endotracheal tube intubation in thoracic surgery - a randomised controlled clinical trial

Parameter NRS ScoreDL
(n 31)
(n 34)
Sore throat n (mild/ moderate/ severe) (total in %)7/2/0 (29%)6/3/1 (29%)0,430
Dysphagia n (mild/ moderate/ severe) (total in %)4/3/0 (23%)6/3/2 (32%)0,289
Cough n (mild/ moderate/ severe) (total in %)9/3/1(42%)10/3/1 (41%)0,782
Hoarseness n (mild/ moderate/ severe) (total in %)7/5/0 (39%)4/6/1 (32%)0,477