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Table 2 Postoperative outcomes

From: The effect of intraoperative lidocaine infusion on opioid consumption and pain after totally extraperitoneal laparoscopic inguinal hernioplasty: a randomized controlled trial

 Lidocaine group
(n = 32)
Saline group
(n = 32)
Nausea5 (16%)14 (44%)0.01
Vomiting2 (6%)8 (25%)0.04
Antiemetic needed3 (9%)11 (34%)0.01
Time to first void; h3 (2–4)3 (3–4)0.18
Quality of recovery;QoR-40 scores194 (194–196)184 (183–186)< 0.001
Patients with satisfaction scores 1/2/3/4/5a6/17/9/0/02/13/17/0/00.02
  1. Notes: Values are number (proportion), or median (IQR)
  2. aSatisfaction scores for postoperative pain relief, 1-Highly satisfied, 2-Satisfied, 3-Neutral, 4-Not satisfied, 5-Strongly dissatisfied