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Table 1 Characteristics of patients excluded from the study

From: Sedation-related complications during anesthesiologist-administered sedation for endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography: a prospective study

Excluded patients (not meeting inclusion criteria)n
 O2 sat < 90%7
 SBP < 90 mmHg3
 Lack of written informed consent30
 Age < 18 years2
 Need for general anesthesia6
Patients who refused to participate43
Technical failurea4
Patients presenting on ≥ 2 occasionsb41
No ERCP performed8
 No need for ERCP after EUS/EGD5
 Inflammatory duodenal stenosis1
 Gastric contents1
 Allergic reaction against the contrast agent1
Protocol violationc1
TotalΣ 145
  1. EGD Esophagogastroduodenoscopy, ERCP Endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography, EUS Endoscopic ultrasound, O2sat Oxygen saturation, SBP Systolic blood pressure
  2. aTechnical failure refers to monitoring system failure such that vital parameters could not be completely and accurately recorded
  3. bPatients who presented on ≥2 occasions were included in the study only once. The most complete data set was chosen for evaluation. In cases of data sets that were identical with regard to recorded data, data were chosen randomly
  4. cProtocol violation was observed in 1 patient who was accidentally administered additional drugs (different from those included in the study protocol) for sedation