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Table 1 The demographics and anesthesia date

From: Airway management in children with hemifacial microsomia: a restropective study of 311 cases

Age(years) (n = 311)
Sex (n = 136)
Side involved (n = 311)
Anesthesia (n = 311)
 Endotracheal tube307(98.7%)
 Intubation under spontaneous breathing1(0.3%)
 Intubation with muscle relaxants306 (99.7%)
Mask ventilation classification (n = 311)
 I292 (93.8%)
 II18 (5.7%)
 III1 (0.3%)
 IV0 (0%)
  1. Mask ventilation classification, Class I: ventilated by mask; Class II: ventilated by mask with oral airway/adjuvant with or without muscle relaxant; Class III: difficult ventilation (inadequate, unstable, or requiring two providers) with or without muscle relaxant; Class IV: unable to mask ventilate with or without muscle relaxant