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Table 2 Success rates. Success rates concerning extraglottic ventilation were 100% over all five attempts in both devices

From: Does the revised intubating laryngeal tube (ILTS-D2) perform better than the intubating laryngeal mask (Fastrach)? – a randomised simulation research study

Tracheal intubation Success rate (%)n success /
n total
n missing
Attempt 1Fastrach10063/630
Attempt 2Fastrach10063/630
Attempt 3Fastrach9862/630
Attempt 4Fastrach9861/621
Attempt 5Fastrach10063/630
  1. Success rates in percent (%) for the particular attempt exclusively concerning tracheal intubation. Number (n) of successful ventilations and total number (n total) of participants for the particular attempt. Number of missing data (n missing) for the particular attempt