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Table 2 Comparison of the indicators between group S and group B

From: Comparison of ED95 of Butorphanol and Sufentanil for gastrointestinal endoscopy sedation: a randomized controlled trial

 S group(n = 100)B group(n = 100)P value
Incidence of respiratory depression11%8%0.469
Incidence of circulatory inhibition12%9%0.489
Dosage of propofol, mg222.6 ± 38.4215.0 ± 39.70.171
Incidence of failed sedation7%4%0.352
VAS score2 (1,3)2 (1,2)0.001*
Fatigue severity scores2.18 ± 1.301.66 ± 0.870.001*
Postoperative grip strength, kg31.8 ± 6.835.5 ± 7.70.000*
Incidence of nausea and vomiting7%00.014*
Incidence of dizzness6%11%0.205
Recovery time, min24.03 ± 7.8021.26 ± 7.700.012*
  1. The VAS scores are the median (Q1, Q3). The Mann-Whitney U-test was used to evaluate the differences. Normally distributed statistics dates were mean ± SD, and a two independent sample t-test was used to evaluate the differences. Ratios were compared by χ2 test.* P < 0.05