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Table 2 The results of univariate and multivariate analyses before propensity score matching

From: Anemia and perioperative mortality in non-cardiac surgery patients: a secondary analysis based on a single-center retrospective study

model iModEL iIModEL iIi
Postop- transfusion
 None or mildRefRefRef
 Moderate or severe79.01 (62.936, 99.194) <0.00176.924 (61.075, 96.885) <0.0017.187 (5.557, 9.296) <0.001
 None or mildRefRefRef
 Moderate or severe3.953 (3.512, 4.449) <0.0013.560 (3.146, 4.028) <0.0010.848 (0.714, 1.008) 0.061
 None or mildRefRefRef
 Moderate or severe11.011 (9.238, 13.126) <0.0018.395 (6.989, 10.084) <0.0011.917 (1.531, 2.400) <0.001
  1. The results were expressed as odds ratio (95%confidence interval) P-value
  2. MODEL I (Non-adjusted model): we did not adjust any covariate
  3. MODEL II (Minimally-adjusted model): we only adjusted age, gender and race
  4. MODEL III (Fully-adjusted model): we adjusted age, sex, race, preoperative eGFR, presence of CVA,DM, IHD, CHF, RDW, priority of surgery, anesthesia type, surgical risk, preoperative blood transfusion with in 30days, intraoperative blood transfusion data, the RCRI score,the ASA status.