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Table 3 Comparative Data between all 177 ERCP cases. Results are presented as number (%) or median (range) for continuous data

From: LMA® Gastro™ Airway for endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography: a retrospective observational analysis

CharacteristicsLMA® Gastro™Low Flow Nasal cannulaEndotracheal Tube (ETT)
Number of cases (n)648528
 Age (years)66 (27–91)73 (19–95)78 (18–94)
 Average BMI kg/m229 (18–44)28 (17–44)29 (18–77)
Nature of ERCP
ASA Status 1/2/3/4/53/22/32/5/017/26/35/7/01/3/18/6/1
Airway conversion to ETT11N/A
Intraoperative SpO2 < 92%010
Lowest Intraoperative SpO298 (92–100)98 (89–100)98 (92–100)
Vasopressor/inotropic/vagolytic use
Mean Duration of Anaesthesia (in minutes)575171
ERCP Failure620
Adverse Intraoperative Eventsa230
Adverse 24 h Postoperative (PACU) eventsb213
  1. a – adverse events included broncho/laryngospasm, epistaxis, blood-stained secretions and bradycardia
  2. b – adverse events included episodes of laryngospasm, apnoea, minor desaturation (SpO2 < 94%) and abdominal pain