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Table 2 ERCP Procedural characteristics. Total n = 64. Results are presented as number or mean (range) for continuous data

From: LMA® Gastro™ Airway for endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography: a retrospective observational analysis

Procedural characteristicsn
ERCP Positiona
 Semi prone11
LMA® GASTRO™ Airway Sizeb
Anaesthetic agents and adjuvants
 Propofol infusion + Fentanyl24
 Propofol/Alfentanil infusion39
 Muscle relaxant use1
 Hyoscine butyl bromide12
 Vasopressor use15
Patient Parameters
 Pre-procedural heart rate76 (48–115)
 Lowest heart rate during ERCP72 (45–115)
 Highest heart rate during ERCP88 (55–144)
 Pre-procedural SpO297 (94–100)
 Lowest SpO2 during ERCP98 (92–100)
 Highest SpO2 during ERCP99 (95–100)
 Lowest EtCO2 during ERCP41 (31–55)
 Highest EtCO2 during ERCP44 (33–60)
 Lowest BIS value41 (31–55)
 Highest BIS value44 (33–60)
Mean Duration of Anaesthesia (in minutes)57 (30–115)
PACU lowest SpO297 (92–100)
PACU medications
 Opioid analgesia11
 Anti-emetic usage10
Time spent in PACU (minutes)56 (9–225)
  1. a- data available in 54 procedures
  2. b- size not mentioned in 3, one conversion to endotracheal tube