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Table 4 Comparison of area under the curve of ROC curve with 95% confidence interval (CI) for PRESERVE and RESP score in different validation studies

From: Validation of RESP and PRESERVE score for ARDS patients with pumpless extracorporeal lung assist (pECLA)

studyntreatmentPRESERVE (95% CI)RESP (95% CI)
Schmidt [2]140ECMO0.89 (0.83–0.94)NA
Schmidt [1]2355ECMONA0.74 (0.72–0.76)
Brunet [15]41ECMO0.69 (0.53–1.87)0.60 (0.41–0.78)
Kang [16]99ECMO0.64 (0.51–0.77)0.69 (0.58–0.81)
Klinzing [10]51ECMO0.67 (0.52–0.82)0.65 (0.50–0.80)
Lee [14]50ECMO0.80 (0.66–0.90)0.79 (0.65–0.89)
our cohort73pECLA0.80 (0.70–0.90)0.78 (0.67–0.89)