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Table 1 Baseline and Follow-up Standardized Assessments

From: Shaping anesthetic techniques to reduce post-operative delirium (SHARP) study: a protocol for a prospective pragmatic randomized controlled trial to evaluate spinal anesthesia with targeted sedation compared with general anesthesia in older adults undergoing lumbar spine fusion surgery

Neuropsychological Assessments
 Mini-Mental Status Examination a
 Verbal Fluency Trials from the Calibrated Ideational Fluency Assessment
 Trail Making Test b
 Digit Span Forwards/Backwards
Function, Disability, and Health-Related Quality of Life Assessments
 Instrumental Activities of Daily Living
 Oswestry Disability Index
 12-Item Short Form Health Survey
 Pain scores
  1. aIn the case of a telephone interview, the Telephone Interview for Cognitive Status is used
  2. bThe Trail Making Test is not administered in the case of telephone interview