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Table 3 Results of multivariate logistic regression test of the risk factors of secondary infection

From: Clinical characteristics, risk factors, immune status and prognosis of secondary infection of sepsis: a retrospective observational study

Variablesa Partial regression coefficient Standard error Wald χ2 P value OR 95% CI
Urinary catheterization 1.219 0.325 14.109 < 0.001 3.384 1.791–6.392
Deep venous catheterization 0.959 0.309 9.601 0.002 2.608 1.422–4.784
  1. aAnalysis was conducted by method Backward: Conditional. Variable blood transfusion was removed on step 2, mechanical ventilation on step 3, APACHE II score on step 4 and SOFA score on step 5