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Table 2 Study inclusion and exclusion criteria

From: Association between changes in cerebral grey matter volume and postoperative cognitive dysfunction in elderly patients: study protocol for a prospective observational cohort study

Criterion Screening procedure
Inclusion criteria
 Age ≥65 years Medical record
 Home location suitable for testing Medical record
 German as a first language Medical record or recruitment telephone call
 IADL score ≥6 Baseline assessment
 ASA physical status I–III Baseline assessment
 Major elective surgerya Medical record
 Planned general anesthesiaa Baseline assessment
Exclusion criteria
 Cardiac surgerya Medical record
 Neurosurgery including carotid endarterectomy, or any type of surgery precluding postoperative testinga Medical record
 (Another) major surgery within the study timeline Medical record, recruitment telephone call or baseline interview
 General anesthesia up to 3 months prior to inclusion Medical record
 Baseline MMSE score <24 Baseline neuropsychological assessment
 Dementia criteria per DSM-5 Baseline neuropsychological assessment
 Previous pathological cerebral imaging (if available) Medical record
 History of cerebral or cerebrovascular pathology, head trauma, neurodegenerative illness or epilepsy Medical record
 Chronic use of psychiatric medication Medical record or baseline interview
 Alcohol or substance abuse Medical record or baseline interview
 History of chronic pain unrelated to the planned surgery Medical record
 Chronic medical illness known to induce encephalopathy Medical record
 Any contraindication for MRI (e.g., pacemakers and other MRI-incompatible implantable device) Medical record, recruitment telephone call or baseline interview
 Claustrophobia Medical record, recruitment telephone call or baseline interview
 Incidentally diagnosed disease or unfavorable course of disease in participants who choose not to be informed Any study assessment
 Lack of informed consent Recruitment telephone call
  1. ASA American Society of Anesthesiologists, DSM-5 Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fifth Edition, IADL Instrumental Activities of Daily Living, MMSE Mini-Mental State Examination
  2. aNot applicable for the nonsurgical control group