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Table 4 Multivariate analysis for duration of ICU stay with the subgroups according to the interquartile of time weighted delta lactate change

From: Intraoperative change of lactate level is associated with postoperative outcomes in pediatric cardiac surgery patients: retrospective observational study

  Coefficient p-value
Age (month) 0.01 0.39
Gender (male) 0.20 0.93
RACHS-1 1.75 0.19
Lowest temperature during CPB (°C) −0.33 0. 31
CPB time (min) 0.015 0. 55
The use of epinephrine after weaning from CPB 16.8 <0.001
LacFIRST (mmol/L) 1.17 0.17
Group1(1st quartile of LACtw) reference  
Group2 (2nd quartile of LACtw) (vs. Group1) 2.60 0.39
Group3 (3rd quartile of LACtw) (vs. Group1) 0.16 0.96
Group4 (4th quartile of LACtw) (vs. Group1) 6.14 0.048
  1. ICU: intensive care unit.
  2. RACHS-1: Risk-Adjusted classification for Congenital Heart Surgery Version 1.
  3. CPB: cardiopulmonary bypass.
  4. LacFIRST: lactate level measured at the end of cardiopulmonary bypass.
  5. LACtw: time weighted change of lactate level after cardiopulmonary bypass.