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Table 3 Multivariate analysis for duration of ICU stay

From: Intraoperative change of lactate level is associated with postoperative outcomes in pediatric cardiac surgery patients: retrospective observational study

  Coefficient p-value
Age (months old) 0.007 0.54
Gender (male) −0.4 0.85
RACHS-1 2.5 0.049
Lowest temperature during CPB (°C) −0.6 0.08
CPB time (min) 0.006 0.17
The use of epinephrine after weaning from CPB 15.1 <0.001
The duration between LacFIRST and LacLast (min) −0.24 0.65
LacFIRST (mmol/L) 0.7 0.42
LAC0 mmol/L reference  
LAC 0-1mmol/L (vs. LAC0 mmol/L) 2.1 0.42
LAC 1-2mmol/L (vs. LAC0 mmol/L) 0.8 0.81
LAC >2mmol/L (vs. LAC0 mmol/L) 10.3 0.028
  1. ICU: intensive care unit.
  2. RACHS-1: Risk-Adjusted classification for Congenital Heart Surgery Version 1.
  3. CPB: cardiopulmonary bypass.
  4. LacFIRST: lactate level measured at the end of cardiopulmonary bypass.
  5. LacLAST: last measurement of lactate level in the operating room.
  6. LAC:change of lactate level after cardiopulmonary bypass.