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Figure 3

From: Inhibitor of neuronal nitric oxide synthase improves gas exchange in ventilator-induced lung injury after pneumonectomy

Figure 3

Changes in plasma concentrations of NOx in anesthetized sheep. Baseline (BL), after pneumonectomy (PE) subsequently followed by injurious ventilation and after euthanasia at 8 hours (8 h). 7-nitroindazole (NI) was administered from time 2 h (hours) and throughout. Protectively ventilated group (PROTV; n = 8), injuriously ventilated group (INJV; n = 8), injuriously ventilated group treated with intravenously infused 7-nitroindazole (INJV + NI; n = 8). Baseline values of NOx were set as 100% and the subsequent values were calculated as percentages of the baseline values. Data are presented as the mean ± standard deviation.

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